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labelaire model:2111-cd

For Sale: labelaire model:2111-cd

Subject labelaire model:2111-cd
Ad is submitted by poster: LabelAire "high Speed Pressure-Sensitive labeling System. high Speed label application of up to 1600 linear inches of label web per minute is combined with an exceptional placement accuracy of up to +_ 1/32" in the label-Aire 2111 with its unique air blown method of application.
Products may be labeled in any attitude(top, side, or bottom) through this highly-efficient non contact application method.
I have 18 of these units available, I'm asking $2,500.00 per machine. bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Ruby Sharp
Contact: (Ruby Sharp) (this is a temporary forwarding address).

 labelaire model:2111-cd  labelaire model:2111-cd