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Lock jaw 7" c clamp 06200

For Sale: Lock jaw 7" c clamp 06200

Subject Lock jaw 7" c clamp 06200
Ad is submitted by poster: LOCKJAW™ Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers provide the versatility of standard locking pliers. However, that’s where the comparison ends. Traditional locking pliers require two hands to adjust the jaw opening for each task; LockJaw’s patented locking mechanism allows the jaws to automatically adjust to any size object for simple one-handed operation. Whether grabbing something thick or something thin, LockJaw™ Self-Adjusting Locking Pliers make jobs faster and easier.
* Grab Thick Grab Thin Jaws Automatically Adjust to the Size
* Set and Forget Press Control
* Dial in the perfect gripping force from slight to extreme and forget it regardless of the size object you want to grab
* Easy-Squeeze-Release-Lever stays locked until you release it
* Chrome Molybdenum construction adds durability and rust protection
* Interlocking pattern on gripping surfaces provides a firm grasp for all applications bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Mia Atkinson
Contact: (Mia Atkinson) (this is a temporary forwarding address).

Lock jaw 7