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3/8" sewer jetter sewer cleaning nozzle mole head

For Sale: 3/8" sewer jetter sewer cleaning nozzle mole head

Subject 3/8" sewer jetter sewer cleaning nozzle mole head
Ad is submitted by poster: You are looking at a APC 3/8” Mole head.
Weight is 4.406 OZ you need 7GPM or more to use this nozzle.
This tip is custom drilled to fit your pumps GPM & PSI specifications resulting in optimized pump performance and superb cutting performance.
This head will work on 3/8” jetter line.
The mole head give you the option of moving the jetting nozzle to the location that you want.
this mole head has 10 ports 1 forward, 3 forward at 22 1/2%, 3 back at 22 1/2% and 3 back at 45%.
the head comes with 10 jet inserts and 4 plugs.
This tip is machined from stainless steel and hardened for longer service life.
Please look at my other jetting tips and kits for sale on e-bay & in are e-bay store. you can also call us if you have any question at (***)-330-8395.
Sewer Jetter Nozzle kit 5 Pcs.
This Nozzle set is a grate set that will cover almost all you cleaning needs. All nozzles are made of high-grade heat-treated stainless steel and are custom drilled and sized to the gpm & psi of you unit. All nozzles are rated at 15,000 psi.
· Penetrator nozzle – used to penetrate any clog in the line you are servicing, freeing it of blockage and restoring drainage. Holes drilled 1 forward and 3 back at 20 degrees
· Flusher Nozzle – used to remove any excess debris left in the line, opening it back up to near full capacity. Holes drilled 3 back at 45 degrees
· Polisher Nozzle – used this specially designed nozzle to polish the diameter of the line being serviced. This will bring the line back to its maximum capacity. The smoother finish left will help the line from from clogging for a longer period of time. Holes drilled 2 at 90 degrees and 2 back at 45 degrees.
· De-greaser / De-icer Nozzle – this nozzle is useful in lines that are heavily clogged or completely blocked by grease, hard soap, and even ice. Holes drilled 3 forward at 45 degrees on the tip and 6 back at 45 degrees on the body.
· Impactor Nozzle – The tipped end on the nozzle will help in removing sand, grit, and scale from the line. Holes drilled 1 forward 2 at 90 degrees in the tip, 6 at 45 degrees in the body of the tip.
Other nozzles available and custom drilling of holes at other locations on tips.
Nozzles 1/8” to 1” NPT 1.8 GPM to 80 GPM
3 Pcs kit - Penetrator, Flusher , Polisher starting at
4 PCS kit - Penetrator, Flusher , Polisher, De-Icer& Greaser starting at
We also build custom sewer jetter trailes
1. Small trailer unit 4X6 125Gal tank 4 GPM 4000 PSI $ 3500.00
2. 4-x7 trailer with toolbox, 125 Gal tank 4GPM 4000 PSI with fresh water pump. Starting at $ 4250.00
3. 4 X 7 trailer with tool box, 125 Gal water tank, 5.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI with fresh water pump starting at $ 5,995.00
4. Trailer unit with 225Gal tank 8 GPM 3500 PSI 300’ of 3/8 line. Starting at $9000.00
5. Trailer unit with 225 Gal or 425 Gal tank 16 GPM 3500 PSI twin reels 300’ of 3/8 line & 400’ of ½ line. Starting at $ 16,550.00
6. Trailer unit with 425 Gal tank 22 GPM 2200 PSI 500’ of 1/2" line. Starting at
1. Gas 6.5 HP 2000 PSI at 3.5 starting at $ 810.00
2. Gas 13 HP 3700 PSI @ 4 GPM starting at $1100.00
3. Gas 13 HP 3500 PSI @ 3.5 GPM starting at $ 1250.00
4. Gas 16 HP 4000 PSI @ 4 GPM Starting at $ 1400.00
5. Gas 16 HP 3000 PSI @ 5.5 GPM starting at $ 1700.00
We build all are trailer unit are self & all are heavy duty cart unit. Some of are light duty units are made by others and we set them up.
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We also offer a full line of Jetting Nozzles.
Are nozzles are custom drilled to your requirements and pump specifications (PSI & GPM) all nozzles are made of high grade heat treated stainless steel for excellent wear resistance and are rated for pressures from 800 – 20,000 PSI.
Rotating, line moles, root cutters, hard hitters, penetrator, Flusher, Polishing, De-icer, Impactor, De-greaser,
If you have a custom need please let me no.
Need parts for a jetting unit that you already own.
I can get you replacement part for a lot of units out there. Motors, Pumps, Jetting Valves, Hose, Reels, Carts, rebuild kits for pumps.
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If you have any questions please give me a call at (***)-330-8395 bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Gabriela Kennedy
Contact: (Gabriela Kennedy) (this is a temporary forwarding address).

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