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Simpson 260 multimeater (T15406)

For Sale: Simpson 260 multimeater (T15406)

Subject Simpson 260 multimeater (T15406)
Ad is submitted by poster: This is a classic analog multimeater.
* 36 Measurement Ranges- Covering both AC and DC Voltage and Current measurements, as well as Resistance testing
* Connections Safeguarded- Standard size reverse/recessed safety jacks prevent operator and/or tool contact with electrical connections of the instrument
* Overload Protection- Diode network protects instrument from overload damage during use (260-8P only)
* Rugged Construction- The Phenolic case is designed with heavy reinforced walls for maximum durability; self-shielding taut-band provides added shock resistance for the meter movement
* Portable, for the Workshop, Lab, or in the Field- Portable enough to take with you, with benchtop accuracy.
* Versatile- Full-size test leads with threaded probe tips for screw-on alligator clips and versatility. Eliminates the need to change test leads while working
* Reverse Banana Jacks for Safety
* Simple Operation- Two knobs control the selection of ranges and functions bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Francis Humphrey
Contact: (Francis Humphrey) (this is a temporary forwarding address).

Simpson 260 multimeater (T15406) Simpson 260 multimeater (T15406) Simpson 260 multimeater (T15406)