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New digital caliper 8" mitutoyo #500-197-20 in case

For Sale: New digital caliper 8" mitutoyo #500-197-20 in case

Subject New digital caliper 8" mitutoyo #500-197-20 in case
Ad is submitted by poster: This is Mitutoyo's most popular 8" digital caliper. The part number is #500-197-20 and it comes in a hard case with battery included. The current Mitutoyo list price on this caliper is $193.00, but we are selling it for only $142.50
Mitutoyo's absolute Digimatic Caliper is the next generation of electronic calipers. It keeps track of origin point once set. Whenever turned on, the large LCD screen displays the actual slider position ready to start measurement. No more repeated zero setting is necessary with the #500-197-20 model.
The ZERO/ABS key allows the display to be Zero-Set at any slider position along the scale for incremental comparison measurements
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New digital caliper 8