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English wheel edwards lower anvil set planishing metal

For Sale: English wheel edwards lower anvil set planishing metal

Subject English wheel edwards lower anvil set planishing metal
Ad is submitted by poster: CNC Precision Machined and Polished Edwards Anvils
If you’re going to do it, Do It Right!
This Means that if the Item is; Delayed, Lost, Damaged or Whatever We Are Not Responsible.
Who are We? Can you Trust Our Quality? Want Answers?
Go to which is the Worlds Largest Metal Shaping Community. This site is Full of Guys and Gals doing Everything you could imagine when it comes to Body Repair, Scratch Built Cars and Bikes, Airplane Repair, Artist, Fabricators, and Guys and Gals just tinkering around. Metal Meet has an International Meet once a Year in centrally located Oblong IL, and Many of it's Members host Smaller Regional Events to further Share the Metal Shaping knowledge. My user name on Metal Meet is Joe Andrews, the Company Hoosier Pattern either name can be searched on Metal Meets Site.
COMPARE OUR PRICES TO Metal Ace's here at this link ->
3" Anvil Wheel and Yoke Set for 44F
2.375 R, 3.25 R, 5.00 R, 8.50 R, 12.00 R and flat.
MetalAce 3" Anvil Wheel Set..................$768.00 set
What makes these anvils better than other manufacturers?
1) Made in house by our English Wheeling Machinist! He not only knows how to make them, he knows how to use them. He has a reputation in the Metal working Community for manufacturing the finest quality tools.
Wheel sizes we make include: 1x1's, 1x3's, 2x2's, 2½x2½'s, 2x3's, 3x3's, 3½x3½'s 5 1/2x 5's, Edwards, Frost, and the Largest set used Daily in Illinois for some of the most Beautiful Coachbuilding in the states!
2) We Guarantee all of our Anvils to have less than .001 run out !
3) CNC Precision machined from 4140 Tool Steel made right here in the USA.
4) Beautifully Packaged, each Anvil comes to you in it's own individual box to guarantee a perfect delivery every time, and we pay to insure them !
5) Contacts on every Anvil. What's a contact you may ask? Contacts insure Maximum coverage per pass. Full radius sets require up to 20 times more passes to achieve the same results as ours, and full radius sets leave lines on your panels.
This set is a Standard set of Edwards Style 3½x3½ Anvils. Why not Hardened?
Professionals prefer soft sets. The reason is that over time as you use your anvils they will wear, especially if you’re “wheeling” over welds. Soft sets are preferred because they can be easily polished out. If you dent, scratch, knick, or drop a hardened anvil you may not be able to fix it yourself.
Do we offer, “Hardened sets”? Yes we do! Our Hardened sets are really Hard to! Hardening and Finish Machining using Ceramic Inserts add $25.00 per anvil. If interested in a Hardened set Please e-mail us.
I’m pretty sure you’ve seen advertised "Hardened" sets for sell here on E-Bay before, Truth be known though those sets are not hardened! They are actually machined from Pre-hard Tool Steel, so they should be stated as such. Hardened is a term relating to a Heat Treat Process in the Tool and Die Industry, it means that after a part has been rough machined it is sent to a Heat Treat Facility where it is tempered in an Furnace. Our hardened sets are made exactly that way, and the Heat Treat is done by an outside source that is an ISO 9001 Plant. Our Hardened Anvils are Triple Tempered so that Rockwell Hardness of 50-52hrc is achieved throughout the whole part evenly.
Precision Ground and Sealed Bearings with the highest Load Rate!
Radius: 2 3/8 Radius: 3 1/4 Radius: 5
Contact: .250 Contact: .375 Contact: .500
Corner Radius: .125 Corner Radius: .250 Corner Radius: .375
Radius: 8 1/2 Radius: 12 Radius: Flat
Contact: .750 Contact: 1.000 Contact: 3.000
Corner Radius: .375 Corner Radius: .312 Corner Radius: .250
Axles are Not Included but may be added.
* Straight 7.8's Axles are $4.00 Each
* Stepped or Trapped Axles are $8.00 Each
* Yokes(cradles) are $80.00 and they are Adjustable.
We Have More Upper Wheels than Anyone!
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If you have questions regarding anything to do with these Anvils please don’t hesitate to ask, e-mail bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Maurice Kane
Contact: (Maurice Kane) (this is a temporary forwarding address).

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