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Spiralink 10010 pump coupling 1/2" x 1/2"

For Sale: Spiralink 10010 pump coupling 1/2" x 1/2"

Subject Spiralink 10010 pump coupling 1/2" x 1/2"
Ad is submitted by poster: SPIRALINK 10010 PUMP COUPLING 1/2" X 1/2"
(REPLACES 118705, 189110, 118473, 118723, 806026, 806168)
Spiralink™ is a permanent replacement for the failure-prone 4-spring, "fly away" coupling used as original equipment in B & G circulators and clones by Armstrong, White-Rogers, Taco, and others.
Spiralink™'s single spring acts as a universal joint with 3-dimensional flexibility that compensates for any degree of shaft misalignment. The one-piece design has no connecting parts to produce the friction that causes noise, wear and early failure of old-style couplings.
Spiralink™ protects bearing assemblies from damage by broken couplings, and its flex reduces the torque load on bearings and seals. On top of that, it's far easier to install, especially in awkward locations.
Four Spiralink™ models cover the whole range of B & G pumps up to 1 HP at 1750 RPM (Up to 2 HP at 3450 RPM), and the Taco series 121 - 138.
• No wear points, Lasts Forever
• 16 wearing places where metal rubs metal
• Tolerates misaligned shafts in 3 dimensions
• Misalignment wears out couplings
118705, 189110, 118473, 118723, 806026, 806168
Original Spiralink™ Flexible Spring circulator coupling with
The Reasons Why OEM Couplers Break
OEM couplings are linked together by 4 small springs. They have 16 wearing surfaces where metal rubs against metal, causing friction and wear with each revolution of the motor. Pump motors run at 1750 rpm. Some pumps do 2.5 million revolutions each day! It is only a matter of time before these couplings break. In addition, motors often become misaligned because of sagging motor mounts and other factors. Misalignment increases friction and noise, causing the OEM couplings to wear out in a very short time. When they break, they create a "no heat" situation and often damage other components in the system which can be expensive to repair.
Spiralink™ couplings do not wear out. They have no friction points and do not weaken, make noise, or break down as OEM couplings do. The Spiralink™ coupling is essentially a torsion bar designed to reduce noise by compensating for any misalignment. Thus, a Spiralink™ coupling would last infinitely longer than the OEM placed in the same situation. Most hydronic (hot water pump) systems are noise sensitive. Wearing surfaces on OEM couplers cause and transmit noise, while Spiralink™ couplings are silent.
Spiralink™ couplings are designed to implode, absorbing starting torque. If the motor is wired correctly the spring diameter will contract. bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Stanley Sherman
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Spiralink 10010 pump coupling 1/2