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Florite frm velocity meter

For Sale: Florite frm velocity meter

Subject Florite frm velocity meter
Ad is submitted by poster: Bachrach Florite Anemometer Velocity Guage With Case,Holder Bar and Instruction Manual. Measures velocity in 0-3000 Feet Per Minute and 0-35 Miles per Hour.
These air velocity meters are easy to use. Simply hold the
Florite in the air stream or in an open area or against the
face of a flat-surfaced register, so that air current is flowing
directly into the instrument. No stop watch, curves or
calculations of any kind are necessary.
• Instantaneous, direct readings of air velocity without
• Scale lock holds readings until lock is released
• Air flow in experiments and lab work
• Air flow in connection with ceramics, textile and other
• Air velocities in testing ventilating systems in homes, schools,
hospitals, mines and factories. bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Berta Herman
Contact: (Berta Herman) (this is a temporary forwarding address).

Florite frm velocity meter Florite frm velocity meter