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Led LR6C lighting fixture 12 watts. save $265 energy

For Sale: Led LR6C lighting fixture 12 watts. save $265 energy

Subject Led LR6C lighting fixture 12 watts. save $265 energy
Ad is submitted by poster: The LR6C is a downlight module for new construction and retrofit that installs easily in most standard six inch recessed IC or non-IC housings. The LR6C generates white light with LED’s in a new way that enables an unprecedented combination of light output, energy efficiency, beautiful color, and affordability.
Globally and locally, everyone wants to reduce environmental impact and make sound economic decisions. But the lighting industry has given us a no-win option: choose highly inefficient incandescents or fluorescents that contain mercury. Fortunately, we no longer have to consider these outdated technologies, because there's a new option.
Technological breakthroughs by LED Lighting Fixtures, Inc. give us beautiful light that is more efficient and longer lasting than both incandescents and CFLs, and contain NO TOXIC MERCURY.
LLF is proud to present LIGHT REINVENTEDâ„¢.
The light output of the12-watt LR6C is comparable to that of a 65-watt incandescent. LLF lighting provides efficiency and enables consumers to save hundreds of dollars over the life of the light, without compromising beauty or the environment.
"Lights out" on high energy usage. LLF technology uses only 12 watts of power. That's 85% less energy spent per incandescent light, and 50% less than a CFL.
How can one light save hundreds of dollars? On average in the United States, running a 65-watt light for 50,000 hours would cost $325 in electricity alone. Because the LR6C uses only 12 watts, running the light for 50,000 hours will cost only $60 under the same scenario. In addition, you will no longer spend time or money replacing lights. Over the lifetime of one LR6C, you will save $265 dollars or more on your electric bill alone. Imagine the savings if every light in your home was an LR6C!
It is easy being green. LLF lights use 85% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs and less than half the energy of compact fluorescent lamps. Consuming less energy results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions being released into our environment.
Also, because each LLF light is designed to last for 50,000 or more hours, there is less landfill waste from burned-out incandescent bulbs and no dangerous mercury waste from fluorescents.
With LLF, there is no compromise. You can have safe, affordable, beautiful lighting that makes a positive difference.
Discover why you'll never look
1. You may never change another light bulb.
The LR6C lasts more than 20 years (50,000 hours) under normal use. That makes life simpler, especially in hard-to-reach installations.
2. Look at a home in a different light.
The quality of light from the LR6C is unmatched.
There's no harsh glare, just warm, beautiful light.
Unlike incandescent fixtures, the LR6C is comfortable to the touch, and it reduces the burden and cost of the air conditioning system.
4. Great light has never been so green.
The new LR6C uses 85% less energy than a conventional incandescent and less than half that of a comparable fluorescent. And unlike any fluorescent, the LR6C contains no harmful mercury.
5. Shedding light on lower costs.
Savings like these mean the LR6C, in typical use,
more than pays for itself in electricity savings.
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Led LR6C lighting fixture 12 watts. save $265 energy Led LR6C lighting fixture 12 watts. save $265 energy