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Powder coating booth, gema

For Sale: Powder coating booth, gema

Subject Powder coating booth, gema
Ad is submitted by poster: Very nice Gema Powder Booth with both cyclone and cartridge filter system, and all interconnecting duct work.
Product openings are 38" wide x 74" high.
Booth is mounted on v-groove wheels for easy on/off line positioning.
No guns included with this offering, but we do have several nice Nordson automatic guns mounted on reciprocators that could be purchased with this unit. Ask us for details.
Cyclones permit easy recovery of powder for re-use.
Booth is long enough to accommodate both manual and automatic guns. Has a window on each side for manual spray operator. bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Marilyn Key
Contact: (Marilyn Key) (this is a temporary forwarding address).

Powder coating booth, gema Powder coating booth, gema