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Braided stainless teflon sanitary flexible hose 1½"X20"

For Sale: Braided stainless teflon sanitary flexible hose 1½"X20"

Subject Braided stainless teflon sanitary flexible hose 1½"X20"
Ad is submitted by poster: ITEM: FLEXIBLE COMPONENTS (Div. of SAINT-GOBAIN) PTFE Lined (Chemfluor® fluoropolymer, a Teflon® equivalent) Stainless Steel Braided Sanitary Flexible Hose Assembly, 1-1/2" 316SS Tri-Clamp Ends x 20" Overall Length (End to End Including the Fittings), Sanitary Smoothbore Interior, FULL BORE (liner is flush with fitting bore for full bore flow thorughout), Flexible Components Style 10 Model Number 382410SKO PermaSeal Tri-Clamp Style Sanitary Fittings, Heavy Duty 304SS Mechanical Braid Outer Covering. (NOTE: Hoses bear the mark of FCx Performance, a major authorized distributor in the Midwest and Northeastern USA for Saint-Gobain/Flexible Components high purity products.)
NOTE: These smoothbore hoses seem to have a thicker liner than standard lined hoses and have a double layer braiding and they are much less flexible than ribbed-bore hoses. Do not expect much bending from these heavy-duty flex hoses. These are ideal heavy duty hoses for vibration isolation around pumps, instrumentation and machinery and for installation in a relatively fixed position, they are not suitable for frequent movement or tight flexing.
"Flexible Components PermaSeal® Fittings
The two-piece PermaSeal® fitting system features a fitting insert (stem) and crimp ferrule (collar). This unit is 360° radially compression crimped to hose for a positive lock that enables the assembly to be used to the maximum working pressure of the particular hose style and size without fitting pull-off or blow-off.
The PermaSeal® Sanitary style fittings of 316L stainless steel incorporate an internal chamfer for a smooth transitional flow that minimizes pressure drop and the potential for bacteria entrapment.
- PermaSeal® Crimp Style fittings assure a total leak-proof seal between the Chemfluor® fluoropolymer inner tube and the fitting insert, even at extreme temperature and pressure variations.
- Smooth radial crimp won't snag on equipment or cut workers' hands.
- Dog-lock engagement assures that ferrule and stem are totally locked together as an assembly.
- End of hose is fully protected; no foreign material can come into contact. The cover prevents abrasion and won't allow hose to catch on sharp objects."
SOURCE: From the stock of a large pharmaceutical company, surplus to their ongoing operations.
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Braided stainless teflon sanitary flexible hose 1½ Braided stainless teflon sanitary flexible hose 1½