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Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder

For Sale: Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder

Subject Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder
Seal Thermoplastic Bags - Including Laminates - Of Any Width Quickly and Securely
APOLO Horizontal Continuous Band Sealer with Coder. (CBS-1000Ci) INOX
· Seals any Termosealable Material, Including PE, PP and Laminates
· Hot Stamping (Ribbon) Printing Coder for Printing Numbers and Letters onto the Bag
· Rugged Stainless Steel Construction
· Equipped with Photo Sensor for Optimal Printing Precision
· Simple to Use - Minimal Operator Training
· Digital Temperature Controller with Separate Current and Desired Temperature Display
· Speed: 0 – 8 mt/min (0 – 27.25ft/min)
· Sealing Method – Constant Heat
· Motorized Rubber Conveyor with Speed Control
· Knurled Pressure Rolls with Variable Pressure Adjustment
· Temperature Adjustment: 0 - 300°C (572°F)
· One pair of Brass Cooling Bars with Forced-air Cooling.
· One Pair of Brass Heating Bars
· Two Pairs of Pressure Rollers
· 5 Points Gap Adjustment for Optimal Material Control
· Overall Machine Height Adjustment
· Distance From Sealing Head to Conveyor Adjustment
· Seal Head Plus Conveyor Angle Adjustment (up to 20 degrees)
· Equipped with Braking Casters
· Breaker Switch For Maximum Protection
· Maximum Bag Weight: 6 lbs (2.75 kg)
· Machine Size: 610mm (24”) L x 1100mm (43”) W x 1030mm (41”) H
· Boxed Size: 660mm (26”) L x 1194mm (47”) W x 1156mm (46”) H
· Machine Weight: 187 lbs (85 kg)
· Boxed Weight: 275 lbs (123 Kg)
Other models in stock - Please check our other listings
Should I use a vertical or a horizontal model?
Say you had a bag that contained your product, and you laid it on its side, would product flow towards the mouth of the bag? If the answer is yes, then you need a vertical band sealer. Products typically sealed with vertical machines are grains, powders, nuts and bolts, candy, bonbons, and liquids, among others. If on the other hand, your product just lay there undisturbed, then you could probably use a horizontal band sealer. Horizontal machines are typically used to seal tortillas or pastries, large computer chips, paper products, and trays, among others.
Can this machine seal foil or laminated bags?
Yes, it is designed to seal any thermoplastic material, including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and laminations containing foils, such as those used to package coffee, or those that reduce electrostatic charge used to package electronic components.
Can the distance between of the conveyor and the seal area be adjusted?
Yes it can, to a certain degree. Check your listing for more detail, or contact us if you need further clarification. Remember that once filled, a bag may be less tall than when empty.
I need a vertical band sealer. Will my bags fit unto this machine?
Please refer to the Conveyor Height section of your machine specifications. These are the minimum and maximum distances between the top of the conveyor, where your bags sit, and the seal area. The size of your - filled - bags should lie more or less within these measurements.
Absolutely not. These machines are not made to work in high humidity environments, nor in areas where explosive gases or excessive dust is present. Unless otherwise noted never wet your machines. Please contact us if you need further clarification. Read and store all machine literature thoroughly before operating.
Are there any consumables or parts we should keep in stock?
Yes, you should always keep a few sealing bands, as these have a limited life span. The machines come with a kit of spares, but keep an eye on how many you have left.
Likewise if you use your coder make sure to keep a few rolls of ink at hand.
How often should I change the sealing bands?
These machines come equipped with Teflon-infused fiberglass bands, which securely yet gently hold the bag thorough the sealing process. Factors such as the type, quality, and thickness of the material you seal, as well as the speed and the amount of time the machine is running, how the machine is operated, and how well it’s maintained all take part in band life.
Here are a few tips that will extend band life:
a) Use the minimum necessary temperature to seal the bags
b)Keep the band clear of plastic or debris by carefully applying a clean rag over it
c)Spraying liquid silicone on the band - it acts as an additional agent against adhesion and helps dispel heat away from the fabric
d)Allow machine to cool by turning off the heat system while keeping the conveyor/band system running for a few minutes
e)If applicable - open the gap between bands to the maximum while maintaining optimal bag control.
Can we send you samples of our product for testing or advice?
Yes. We will gladly test your product and suggest the best alternatives for your particular need – at no cost to you. Please contact us for instructions on our testing procedures.
I need something faster than what you are offering here…
We offer semi-auto to fully automatic Sealing and/or Filling Machines. Check our other listings or contact us for more information. We do not list all of our offerings.
There can be one of three types of coders integrated into your band sealer. Check the specifications of the band sealer you are interested in to find out which coder is included
A roll containing heat activated ink transfers the ink to a type holder/roller. An electronic sensor detects the presence of a bag and sends the signal to print the code on the desired spot. The process is done without any needed intervention form the operator.
A foil of hot stamping material is sandwiched between a heated type head and the bag. An electronic sensor detects the presence of a bag and sends the signal to print the code on the desired spot. The process is done without any needed intervention form the operator. In order to maximize foil utilization, the coder can be easily be fine tuned to minimize the spaces between prints.
The least expensive of the three coding machines, an embossing coder continually embosses characters directly onto the bag. The coder uses a printing pressure wheel and does not use ink. It creates an indentation that can be read, but it is by no means a high-readability, high contrast print, such as those obtained with hot stamp or hot roll coders.
How may prints will each roll of ink last?
It depends on the number of lines and characters per print. For Hot Roll coders count on printing some 15 to 25 thousand bags per roll. Rolls of hot stamping foil will produce roughly 10 thousand prints.
Is it possible to print in other colors?
Black is used for the majority of coding applications, but we do sell other colors when black does not offer the necessary contrast. If this is your case contact us at once as we limit our stocks of alternate colors.
Do you sell additional types and rolls of ink?
Yes, we stock parts, accessories and consumables, and can overnight most items.
What do the included characters look like?
Each brass type is roughly 1 mm wide by 2 mm high. The type is designed for high readability and differentiation between characters. Characters look similar to uppercase Arial Narrow font.
How quickly can the types be changed?
Can I seal bags without using the printing coder?
Yes, you can seal bags without using the printing coder and vice versa.
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Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder Apolo S1000 - continuous horizontal band sealer +coder