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induction heater solid state rf generator power supply

For Sale: induction heater solid state rf generator power supply

Subject induction heater solid state rf generator power supply
Ad is submitted by poster: Pillar Industries Power Supply and Water System, Induction Heater, Solid State Rf Generator (New Cost $20,000) 5 Kw / Mk-20
Induction heating is a quick, clean, non-contact source of heat for industrial brazing, heat treating, melting, bonding and other applications
The Mk-20 is a solid state frequency converter which uses a 200 - 240 VAC 50/60 HZ 3 Phase voltage source to produce a single phase output at one of four nominal frequencies (100, 200, 300 and 400 kHz) It will deliver the rated output power into a suitable load and is equiped with a timer for controlling timed heating cycles.
A Breakthrough in technology that allows 90-95% conversion efficiency, resulting in considerable energy savings a replacement for a vacuum tube generator operating in the 50 to 400 kHz frequency range
Process Heating, Couples anything metalic, Great for Forming and Brazing and Abrasion, Water Cooled, Also used for Paint curing of Tape Measures, Heats die for plastic forming
Annealing and tempering processes are used to soften metal for improved ductility and machinability, as well as to relieve residual stress. In contrast to hardening, annealing involves a much slower heating step followed by gradual cooling of the metal. Tempering refers to a reheating and slow cooling of metal which has become too brittle as a result of a hardening process.
Flexible, epoxy-based gaskets can be bonded to metal or other conductive material without a third bonding agent. Our Epoxy Bonding Systems are ideal for this application. Induction heating has been used for bonding gaskets to metal automotive parts, thermoplastic composite bonding, and rubber washer/bumper assemblies.
Brazing Brazing is the process of joining two or more pieces of metal or ceramic material with a molten filler metal such as silver, aluminum alloy or copper. Brazing requires a higher temperature than soldering but produces a very strong bond which withstands shock, vibration and temperature change. Brazed joints are both liquid- and gas-tight and provide good electrical conductivity. An induction brazing system quickly delivers highly localized heat to minimize part warpage and distortion. Brazing in a controlled vacuum or in an inert protective atmosphere can significantly improve overall part quality and eliminate costly part cleaning procedures.
http:// /video_AB1_brazing.html - brazing (this is not the exact machine but it will give you an idea of how to braze)
When one piece of metal is designed to be inserted into a second piece, induction heating can be used to "shrink fit" the two pieces together. The first or larger piece containing the opening is heated to expand the size of the hole. The second piece is then inserted into the opening, and as the first piece cools and shrinks back to its original size, the resulting pressure holds the two pieces together in a strong bond. A press-fitting procedure applies a physical force during the cooling process to make the bond even stronger or shorten the cycle time.
http:// /video_heatstaking.html - heat staking (this is not the exact machine but will give you an idea of how to heat stake)
Power Input Voltage: 200-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 3 Phase
Frequency: 400 kHz nominal(240 kHz min to 440 kHz max)
DC Voltage: 243 VDC max @ 200 VAC Input
Cooling: Forced water 2 GPM at 30-50 psi, Maximum inlet temp 95 degrees F, Maximum outlet temp 120 degrees F
http:// /watch?v=XCBowxagYqI - Watch this video for an example of induction heating!
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 induction heater solid state rf generator power supply  induction heater solid state rf generator power supply