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Tektronix 11801C oscilloscope 50GHZ

For Sale: Tektronix 11801C oscilloscope 50GHZ

Subject Tektronix 11801C oscilloscope 50GHZ
Ad is submitted by poster: Tektronix 11801C Oscilloscope 50GHz
The 11801C Digital Sampling Oscilloscope offers the widest range of on-board measurement and waveform processing capabilities of any multi-Gigahertz scope. With excellent measurement repeatability, exceptional vertical resolution and fast display update rate, the 11801C is a powerful measurement tool for semiconductor testing, TDR characterization of circuit boards, IC packages and cables, and high speed digital data communications.
* Eight Channels, Expandable to 136 (with SM-11 multi-channel units)
* High Resolution and Measurement Repeatability
* 10 Femtosecond Sampling Interval (0.01 ps)
* Dual Timebase Allows Multiple Windows
* True Dual-Step Differential TDR
* Fully Automatic Jitter and Noise Measurements
* Automatic Statistical Measurements, Histograms and Mask Testing
* Automatic Pulse Measurements with Statistics
* Comprehensive Waveform Processing
* Complete Programmability for ATE Applications
* Color Display with Color Grading
* This used item is in excellent working condition.
* No accessories are included.
* 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA
Smartech Consulting, Inc.
17155 Von Karman Ave. Suite 102-3
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17155 Von Karman Ave. Suite 102-3
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Tektronix 11801C oscilloscope 50GHZ Tektronix 11801C oscilloscope 50GHZ