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Subject ~ pick-of-life awls - ice rescue picks
Ad is submitted by poster: Pick-of-Life awls are for self-rescue, allowing you to crawl on top of the ice using the picks as traction. You can also slide them to someone who has fallen through the ice. Spring loaded covers retract automatically when used. Lanyard prevents losing the picks if you let go. Mandatory for all ice rescue kits.
We carry a full line of technical rescue equipment from top quality manufacturers. If you are a search and rescue squad, fire department, tactical team, high angle rescue team or EMS squad, contact us for discount pricing. Most gear is NFPA, CE or ANSI certified. Everything our store sells is BRAND NEW!
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WARNING: Technical Rescue operations and related activities can be extremely dangerous! Any person purchasing equipment from rescueDIRECT, Inc. is personally responsible for obtaining competent instruction in its use and assumes all risks and responsibilities for any and all damages or injuries.
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