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Freeshpg 40" tooth bar,toothbar 4 skid steers & loaders

For Sale: Freeshpg 40" tooth bar,toothbar 4 skid steers & loaders

Subject Freeshpg 40" tooth bar,toothbar 4 skid steers & loaders
Ad is submitted by poster: Brand New 5 Tooth, Tooth Bar for Buckets with INSIDE Dimensions of 40" to 40-3/8".
You Need to Make Sure Your Selection is Based on the "INSIDE DIMENSION" of your Loaders Bucket! If you need help with your selection, you are wecome to call us at the number below!
* This Tooth Bar has 5 Teeth (photo shows 6) and includes attaching hardware as shown and weighs Less than 50lb's.
* Installs on any Loader Bucket with Slide on Bar and easy bolt on Brackets.
* This Tooth Bar is Very Easily Attached to your Tractors Bucket. Each end has predrilled holes for attaching to the Bucket. You will need to drill matching holes in your Bucket and simply bolt the Tooth bar on!
* If your Loaders Bucket has a bolt on cutting edge, use the above dimensions to consider the fit.
* Tooth Bar overlaps the Bucket by about 6" and the Teeth extend beyond the front of the Bucket by about 5-1/2". The replaceable Teeth are 1-3/4" wide, High Strength T1 Solid Steel and are welded to a high Carbon Steel Cutting Edge.
* With the Bolted end Brackets and the overlapped Tooth Bar, this unit gets a very Tight and Secure Fit to your Tractors bucket!
* This is a Very Heavy Duty Set of Teeth good for all Tractors. They make a dramatic improvement in digging and clean up of all types of material, mulitplying the work of your Tractor and Bucket! They will pay for themselves quickly!
Plus, we are glad to say these Tooth Bars are MADE IN THE USA!!! bears NO responsibility for this ad. Please report ads that do not follow our rules (on front page). Posted By: Lucy Morin
Contact: (Lucy Morin) (this is a temporary forwarding address).

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